Chadwick is an Open Source software project devoted providing quality tools for collecting and analyzing baseball statistical data from the play-by-play level. It's project home is at

One popular component of Chadwick is its ability to transform a file adhering to the Retrosheet play-by-play report format into SportsML. This functionality is bundled into Chadwick's "cwbox" (for Chadwick Box Score) application.

The SportsML file generated by cwbox includes many calculated post-game statistical values (total at bats, total hits, etc.), as well as SportsML "action-play" and "action-pitch" elements for each and every play and pitch.

Why "Chadwick?" As explained on the website, "Henry Chadwick, called the 'Father of the Boxscore,' was a prolific journalist and important figure in the formative years of baseball in the late nineteenth century. Among his many contributions to the game was the first codified system of annotating the events in a base ball game."

Chadwick's source code, along with compiled cwbox binaries for Windows, Debian Linux, and Red Hat Linux, will be available via the Chadwick project's download page.